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Andrea Santos is a Spanish photographer, born in Madrid in 1991.

She is a graduate of Audiovisual Communication studies (Universidad Complutense, Madrid) and is currently based in Madrid, Spain.

In 2013, she completed a Professional Photography course at the EFTI (Centro Internacional de Fotografía y Cine), Madrid and subsequently earned a Master's degree in contemporary photography from the same institute.

In her photographic work, she tries to capture the beauty within ordinary, simple things, with the female human body being her main field of work.

Andrea has participated in exhibitions such as FOTOPROYECTOS 10 (screening, UnoNueve Gallery, Spain), DE TAL PALO TAL ASTILLA (collective exhibition, Tarazona Foto, Spain), BECAUSE YOU ARE A GIRL FESTIVAL (screening, Teviot Row House, UK) and in a solo exhibition at LEARN EN EL PATIO (Edinburgh, UK). She has also been published by Brit Es MAGAZINE ( She was nominated in the 5th Fine Art Photography Awards 2019 in the abstract category (, received an honorable mention in the MonoVisions Photography Awards 2019 in the fine art category ( and another honorable mention in the ND Awards Photo Contest 2019 in the abstract category (


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